Versace Jeans Patent Leather Shoulder Bag

Versace Jeans

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Versace Jeans

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Versace is a world famous Italian luxury fashion company, founded by Gianni Versace in 1978. The collection of the brand Versace, gets further divided into Versus Versace, Versace Collection and Versace Jeans. The first Versace boutique was opened in Milan's Via Della Spiga in 1978. After that, Versace has gone on to make some of the most known products till date. Versace Still holds its place in the luxury fashion world, where it strives to build high end and top notch quality products for general public and iconic celebrities alike.


Product Highlights

  1. Shoulder bag made in synthetic patent leather
  2. Glossy finish in Stone hue
  3. Large Versace logo in front
  4. Applied logo
  5. Double handle 
  6. 47 x 18 x 43cm

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